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  •  HIPAA Compliance Documentation
  •      HIPAA Compliance Binder     

    The HIPAA Compliance Binder we offer is custom-made for each practice. All required documentation will be prepared based on your company's needs and easy to follow step-by-step instructions will be provided. It takes most covered entities 15-20 minutes to implement our All-in-One solution and achieve HIPAA & HITECH compliance. Initial phone consultation and assistance with implementation is offered to all members at no additional cost. To view a demo of the HIPAA Compliance Binder please click the button below.

  •      Breach Notification Toolkit     

    Breach Notification Toolkit provided in the binder includes the Breach Risk Assessment Tool (Required by Law) and other information to help educate your staff, protect the PHI of your patients and avoid fines and penalties.

  •      CD with Documents & Forms     

    Templates of all required documents and forms are included on the CD, as well as some samples of response letters and other useful tools. To view a detailed list of what is included please click the button below.

  •      Policy & Procedures Manual     

    Custom-made for each practice Policy & Procedures Manual (P&P) provided as a stand-alone bound booklet and inserted into the HIPAA Compliance Binder for easy access and use. PLEASE NOTE: Basic plan subscribers can use a template provided on the CD to customize and print the P&P Manual. Click the button below to view a demo of the P&P Manual we offer.

  •  $100,000 Data Breach Protection
  •      Security Risk Assessment     

    Security Risk Assessment is required under HIPAA Security Rule for all covered entities and must be conducted for each location. This is one of the most important aspects of compliance with HIPAA & HITECH today. Lack of such document in the event of an audit makes it impossible to prove any efforts to comply with HIPAA Security Rule to HHS. HHS & OCR consider this to be the first step towards implementation of a security plan. Penalties for noncompliance are severe in such circumstances.

  •      HIPAASafeguard™ Protection     

    HIPAASafeguard™ Protection Program covers medical practices from the substantial civil fines and penalties insurable by law and mandated by HIPAA as it relates to the protection of private patient information. In addition, HIPAASafeguard™ protects medical practices from the significant expenses and fines assessed by the Visa/MasterCard servicing bank due to a data breach resulting in compromised payment card information.

  •  Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP)
  •      Regular Letter Size NPP (PDF File)     
    Customized with your company name Notice of Privacy Practices. Updated in accordance with the OMNIBUS Final Rule with all required information. This is a professionally designed Notice of Privacy Practices provided as a PDF file (2 Pages - Letter Size Format) This document can be printed by our members or ordered from our online store.
  •      Electronic Notice (eNPP)     

    HIPAA requires all covered entities to provide an Electronic Notice of Privacy Practices (eNPP) on any website or online profile where services of healthcare professionals are listed. The eNPP we offer is presented in a form of a professionally designed online publication and hosted for you on our servers at no additional cost. FREE setup and support included with all membership levels. This eNPP can be viewed on any device and includes functionality to download, email or embed the notice on any website.

  •      NPP Trifold Brochures     


    These brochures include a summary of the most important terms of Notice of Privacy Practices. Each brochure comes with a tear-off acknowledgment of receipt to make sure it is never forgotten. All Covered Entities under HIPAA are required by law to obtain an acknowledgement of receipt from new patients (only once), as well as document each time a patient refuses to sign or signature cannot be collected. In addition, each brochure features a custom link with your practice name to a full electronic version of the notice (eNPP) hosted for you on our servers at no additional cost.

  •      NPP Wall Poster     


    The NPP Wall Poster we offer is customized for each practice, and features Certified Practice Seal with a certificate number and other information as required by law. Removable adhesive tabs are included in the package. All Covered Entities under HIPAA are required to post their NPP in clear and prominent location at the facility where patients can see it.

  •  Compliance Training & Certification
  •      HIPAA Compliance Training
  •      Private-Branded Training Portal
  •      Certificate of Compliance     

    Certificate of Compliance with HIPAA & HITECH Regulations is issued to every member of our network. Show your patients that you care about their privacy by displaying this certificate at your location.

  •      Staff Training Cards     

    Perforated Staff Training Cards provided in the binder and include credentials to access online training portal. Simply write the date by which you wish your team members to complete the training, hand out these cards to your staff, and we will take care of the rest! We will issue certificates, generate logs and further notify your employees when it's time to take the refresher course. No portals with complex user management systems, no need for web-based reports and training logs. We handle everything for you and keep you informed via email. Simply print the logs and insert it in the binder. That's it! To view a sample please click the button below.

  •      Automated Training Logs
  •  Assistance & Support
  •      HIPAA C.A.R.E. Assistance & Support
  •      24/7 Breach Assistance Hotline     

    Breach Protection Hotline with security professionals available 24/7 to assists healthcare providers and their staff with everyday questions that arise relating to the privacy and protection of patient information.

Basic Compliance

$29a month
$29a month
  • Paid Annually
  • Up to 5 Employees Certified
  • Email

HIPAA C.A.R.E. Certified

$39a month
$39a month
  • Paid Annually
  • Welcome Kit + Customized Samples
  • Up to 25 Employees Certified
  • Email & Phone

Certified & Protected

$49a month
$49a month
  • Paid Annually
  • Welcome Kit + 250 Brochures
  • Unlimited
  • Priority Support & Consulting